Thursday, November 15, 2018

Healthy Hair Habits

Healthy Hair Habits

As much as we are so keen on growing our hair, we need to know that no amount of products can make our hair grow. Don't get me wrong but the important factor is our "Our Habits" thereafter the products we use.

 Before we go further, I want to welcome you to my blog. I am a big fan of thriving hair regardless of the texture and talks about it brings joy to my heart. Caring for our hair should be our priority cause it is Our Crown and we are Queens!

So, let's get to it!
We need to understand that our everyday habits ranging from the styles we try to achieve to how we comb our hair to how we treat our hair when we go to bed all have negative effects on the general health of our hair if not done properly. Not leaving out factors we have no control over such as the Sun, the Wind and weather in general.


"you have to take like 8 glasses of water in a day" yada yada (rolls eyes). I know we are tired of statements like these but seriously they are actually very true. We need water to stay Hydrated, flush out toxins, cleaner and radiant skin, regulate temperature and most importantly to keep our hair moisturised from the inside. Taking fruits like Carrots, Avocados, Berries and Green Vegetables and Nuts are also very important. While not forgetting Vitamin Supplements and Cod Liver oil.
You're what you eat so make a conscious decision to improve your Diet and Water in take and your skin and hair will flourish. 

 Scalp Massage

Oh my! This is one of my favourite. Scalp massage helps blood to circulate to the scalp and it is soooo relaxing! Massage your scalp before you wash, during washing, when you want to style, while seeing your favourite movie or anytime you want. 
The circulation of blood to the scalp feeds the hair roots the needed nutrient and triggers hair growth.

Protect Your Hair

While we go about our day-to-day business, sometimes we tend to forget about our hair. It is best to keep hair off our shoulders to avoid friction that can cause breakage. Keep hair off the shoulders; Pin it up, Roll it in , or just Tuck it in, whichever tickles your fantasy. The aim is to get hair out of the way as much as possible.
Sleep with your hair covered with Silk scarf, Satin Bonnet or use a silky pillow case. The turning and tossing during the night against cotton pillowcase rids your hair of moisture and causes breakage.

Keeping Hair Moisturised

Properly moisturising the hair with water or water-based moisturiser and sealing the moisture in with oils or butter is another Healthy Habit. Apart from taking enough water to start the process from within, moisturising your hair consistently will allow you retain moisture. Detangling even becomes supeeeer easy cause your hair is not dry and you can retain as much length as possible.

What other Healthy Habits do you use in growing your hair?
Feel free to let us know in the comment session below.


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