Saturday, November 24, 2018

7 Protective Styles for Harmattan

It is almost Protective Style Season.. Yaaaaay!!! The season is my favourite after the raining season where you can just garb in your sweats and track and just lay in bed all day while enjoying the cold weather. Of course i enjoy the Cold without the dryness that comes with it. In short i enjoy lazy days.

Harmattan is almost upon us and during the season, there is little or no moisture in the air. Everywhere is dry and dusty and so is our hair and skin. let me quickly tell you a story.
I remember after finishing secondary school and a particular friend of mine went to school, unfortunately for her she gave her hair little to no attention and it was during Harmattan.. Big mistake (lol).
Long story short, my friend came back from school with Fried Ends and dry patched lips. Eventually, she had to go for a major major trim; she had to chop off majority of her hair cause it was breaking at the slightest provocation.
So in trying to avoid leaving our hair vulnerable to dry/harsh weather, we have compiled some really nice and easy to pull off style we can rock during the season.

Bold and daring sisters, this is for you. We love the colour and length of this braids and we are so here for it. And the style is something we can try if we do not want the braids all over us.


This cornrows are super neat and chic. The style is ideal for those of us that cannot sit for long to get our hair hair done but want something really nice. It just screams classssssss....


And for those sisters who do not mind the hours, this box braid is the perfect style for you. We just love everything about this style; from the size to the length (say wah!). If you are looking to achieve classy and trendy at the same time, this is the perfect style for you.😍😍


This braids is chic and simple as well. We love how it accentuates the face structure while not being in the way at all.

 We are so here for these big size cornrows. You can get this style installed before you say Jack and your stylist will be done. And the taking down will be just as easy.


 For a fuller look, this cornrows are ideal. This style is the simplest of them all. No extra extra to it cause it is enough on it's own. We love how unique the style is.


 We are so in for the size of  Zainab Balogun's braids. We love how it is out of the way and at the same time covering just enough of the face leaving us to imagine her earpiece. We love the tease. And this is for the "not-so-regular" chics.


We love how classy, chic and easy to pull off these Protective Styles are. So whatever you choose to wear to work, that party, that special occasion, that little hangout with friends or just chilling at home during Harmattan, these styles would fit just like skin.

Do well to share with your friends so you guys can be friendship goals for the season.
Let us know how it goes in the comment box.


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