Saturday, December 8, 2018

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Harmattan Period

It is Harmattan Season and we are already feeling it in the air. So we are back with another Helpful Tips during this Weather. Honestly, the only thing i enjoy during the Harmattan is just the chill (Every other things aren't for me 😒😒).
Harmattan can be particularly drying and we struggle with Retaining Moisture for as long as possible and preventing Breakage to the barest minimum. Just like our skin needs an extra dose of moisture and protection on these chilly days, our hair needs to keep hydrated during the Harmattan period.

Natural hair thrives on moisture and protection. The goal is retaining moisture and elasticity, these keep tangles and split-ends at bay which stops breakage altogether. So if we can keep our hair moisturised, tangle free and and attain minimum breakage, Length Retention will be attainable in this cold weather.

Here are some tips to keep our hair thriving during Harmattan..

Prepoo Before Wash

Prepooing before wash is really beneficial to our hair. Even before Harmattan, I never skip my prepoo treatment. If you are the type that feels it is not necessary, the chilly days are not the time to skip your prepoo. Prepoo with oils or conditioner for at least 30 minutes before you wash your hair. I currently prepoo with Aloe vera and Honey.

Moisturise And Seal Properly

Moisturising with product that contains water as the main ingredient is very important. Coconut Water and Aloe Vera are super moisturising which can be incorporated into your regime. The LCOS (Liquid, Cream, Oil and Shea Butter is my go to way of moisturising.
Olive oil, Jojoba and Almond oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil are oils which are beneficial to hair during the cold weather. They penetrate the hair shaft to moisturise hair and scalp while providing some sort of cover. But i usually go in with Shea butter as this is heavy and seals in the moisture properly.

Deep Condition With Heat

Deep conditioning with heat lifts the hair cuticles and allow product to penetrate and infuse moisture into the hair and scalp. Deep conditioning with heat during the cold weather helps hydrate the hair which is important for moisture retention, prevent breakage and repair any damages. The more hydrated the hair is during this period, the more moisturised it is.

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil restores moisture balance to your hair, prevents dry scalp that strikes like a plague during Harmattan, smooths hair cuticles to soften dry and rough hair and seals moisture into your hair. These are the overall goals we are trying to achieve and all these you can get by doing your Hot Oil Treatment regularly.

Protect Your Hair

Always always protect your hair for sleep. Cotton happens to be a very good absorbent, so it strips the hair of moisture and also makes our hair frizzy. Wear a satin Bonnet or silk scarf to sleep to avoid this or use a silk pillowcase.

Protective Styles

Before Harmattan season i usually preach wearing Protective Styles. Leaving your hair out means you have to comb it for the length of time which is not healthy for your natural hair. Although letting your hair and scalp breathe is very good, but you don't want to just wear your hair out unnecessarily  in this weather. You need to put them in styles that are easy to moisturise and keep your hair out of the way. These Protective Styles are easy to pull off and help you retain the much needed length.

Stay Hydrated

And a bonus tip. The Harmattan Season is characterised with chills and dryness and the best we can do is to improve on our water intake. Start your moisturising process from inside by taking as much water as possible to stay hydrated, avoid dry patched lips and skin. Improve on your Diet by Incorporating fresh Fruits and Vegetables for your overall health. A little changes and improvements here and there and we would realize that the season is not so bad afterall.

What other things will you be incorporating into your regimen this season? Do well to let us know in the comment section.

Sharing is Caring!.. Do well to Share with Friends and Family and let all of us benefit this beautiful cold season.

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