Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Easy Natural Hairstyles For Work


Natural Hairstyles for work should be professional, easy to style and of course beautiful and classy. It is the beginning of the year and i know we are trying to step up with our wardrobe, so it is a perfect time to show off the goodness of  your Natural Hair as well and let those wigs rest for a while ( You feel me ugh!). 

Every job has its own set of rules and guidelines for Dress Code and Overall appearance at work. These Easy Natural Hairstyles are professional and protective while they are very easy to style which means you spend minimum time styling them and they last for at least a week.
And this helps to even retain length cause one sure way to see growth is to style your hair and leave for at least 5 days to see notable growth.

We pulled together 9 awesome styles for your pleasure.

These styles are chic,classy and quite simple and the good part is you don't need to touch up severally throughout the day unless you want to.

Below are our list of Easy Natural Hairstyles for Work.

Sleek Bun/ High Bun Styles

Sleek bun/ High bun Styles are Natural Hairstyles for work that are professional and acceptable in corporate environments. They complement your look so they can be styled with virtually any work outfit. They are very cute, neat and stay away from your face and your ends are protected. These are Bosschicks styles! 

(Photo: Instagram/ lindaosifo)

(Photo: Instagram/ brandilou88)
(Photo: TGIN)

(Photo: Instagram/ skaijackson)

Afro & Curly Afro

If your place of work is lenient about  rules and guidelines, then Afro and  Curly Afro are Natural Hairstyles to definitely give a trial to free our hair from time to time and just to show off. You just need to spritz your hair with water to keep your curls alive throughout the day.

(Photo: Instagram/ somkele_i)
(Photo: Instagram/ tiamowry)

(Photo: Instagram/ antolecky)
Side Flat twist is another Easy Natural Hairstyle suitable for work. Your hair is totally out of the way and your ends are tucked away. Lay your edges and use accessories to achieve more chic look.

(Photo: Instagram/ tiamowry)
Curly Frohawk is also a go to style for work. You need some hairpins to create this look.

(Photo: Instagram/ ifuennada)
We are here for the edge that comes with this hair. It is a perfect style to flaunt your curls. This style is suitable for work and night out after work.

Which Natural Hairstyle for work would you be rocking to work?

Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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