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Having dry hair is a constant issue that most people with natural hair and even relaxed hair have to deal with. Have you been trying to retain moisture or you are just tired of your dry hair and your hair has been stuck on a level for so long? Continue reading to know how to retain the much needed Moisture and improve your Hair Growth.

So we bring you good tiding in form of The Greenhouse Effect.
The Greenhouse Effect aka (GHE) can be used to infuse moisture into hair strands and promote hair growth.

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I remember the first time i read about the Greenhouse Effect. My silly ass thought they were referring to Plant and the Ecosystem. Until I finished reading the article and I realised what it was.
So when I started my transitioning journey, I thought it was quite easy to incorporate into my Hair Regime. And believe me in less than a year my hair was already reaching my upper lip cause I was doing it religiously.

The Greenhouse Effect is a method that many people use to infuse moisture to hair and enhance hair growth. It involves covering your hair with a shower cap and satin bonnet/ silk scarf overnight or wearing a shower cap and satin bonnet/ silk scarf for a long period of time.
The warm environment helps the cuticle layers of the hair to open and absorb the moisture and enhances production of Sebum.

The Greenhouse Effect encourages the use of fully natural hair products and oils because it should be done on freshly washed hair. And because of the body heat put into use, which allows hair follicles to open, all products and oils used will penetrate into hair and scalp. Thus the recommendation for 100% natural products.


  • Production of  Sebum

One of the primary reasons for wanting to do The Greenhouse Effect is for Hair Growth. The heat from your body that is trapped inside the shower cap creates a warm steamy environment that allows the production of Sebum. Sebum is the natural oil secreted by the scalp to nourish the hair and allows hair growth.
Also, the heat to the scalp increases blood circulation, this enhances healthy hair growth from the scalp.

(Photo Source: Instagram/ the4cproject)

  • To Infuse and Retain Moisture

The Greenhouse Effect is an awesome way to infuse hair strands with moisture. This is another primary reason for trying the method.
The warm atmosphere helps open cuticle layers of the hair and allows for the penetration of natural oils used.
Heat production turns into moisture, this also penetrates hair cuticles and infuses, replenishes and retains moisture into dry hair and alleviate dry scalp.
Infusion and retaining of moisture improves the elasticity of hair strands, ths helps in Length Retention. There won't be difficulty retaining the length you grow if you keep your hair moisturised and you keep the moisture locked inside the cortex.

  • To Detox the scalp and Hair Follicles

The heat from having the hair in shower cap over the night will cause your hair to sweat and stimulates hair follicles. The steam and sweat  serves to detoxify the scalp and unclog the follicles. Leaving room for a healthy environment for old ends and new growth.

How To Do The Greenhouse Effect (GHE)

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On dry or damp hair (if you are not quick to sweat, then you can spritz your hair with water), apply a generous amount of oil (Olive, Coconut, Black Castor oil, Jojoba, Avocado, Argan oil) or butter (Shea butter, Cocoa butter) throughout your hair from root to tip focusing on the ends. Just enough to coat your hair strands but not overload it with product. Put your hair into Braids, Twists or Bantu Knots.

Place a shower cap or plastic cap over hair and silk scarf or satin bonnet over the cap. I usually use both the shower cap and plastic cap then i proceed to tie a silk scarf for maximum heat production. The steam combined with the oil creates soft and manageable hair and combat dryness.

If you are doing the process overnight, in the morning your hair will be damp due to the steam. Remove all the covering and it's best to allow hair air dry. Then you can style your hair and go about the business of the day.

It is important to not overdo The Greenhouse Effect so as not to over-moisturise the hair and not end up with limp lifeless curls. So it is advised to use this method at most 2-4 times in a week.
It is a simple way to reap great benefits while sleeping.

Since Hair growth is one of the reasons for trying The Greenhouse Effect, you will have to try out the method and see if it works for your hair.

Have you tried The Greenhouse Method before or will you give it a shot?

Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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